The OMERACT proceedings are published in the The Journal of Rheumatology.The OMERACT 10 proceedings can be retrieved online here for free

The full proceedings for previous meeting cJRheuman be retrieved online here for free

OMERACT Publications are also printed in a myriad of other journals. For a full list of OMERACT articles, please click here

The following paper gives an overview of the process and the activities up to OMERACT 8 : .
OMERACT: An international initiative to improve outcome measurement in rheumatology.
Tugwell P, Boers M, Brooks P, Simon L, Strand V, Idzerda L. Trials. 2007 Nov 26;8:38.PMID: 18039364

For OMERACT 9 see the overview: The Journal of Rheumatology 2009; 36:8; doi:10.3899/jrheum.

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